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How age discrimination hurts established professionals

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Employment Law

The longer you have worked at the same job, the easier your work often becomes. Your knowledge of the industry and your experience performing your specific job tasks will make you a better and more efficient worker over the years.

Many employers recognize the value of experienced workers, but there are some companies that fail to understand how crucial the services, knowledge and experience of older workers can be to their overall success.

Some companies treat older workers as a risk because they can command higher wages. Other companies worry about the financial implications of medical conditions in their older staff members or how their seniority allows them significant amounts of paid time off. These businesses might try to force out workers who have been with the company for years or even decades. They may know that age discrimination is illegal, but they will still try to get rid of older staff members.

How companies push older workers off the payroll

There are a number of ways for a business that wants to reduce its staff of older adults to do so. They can start being negative during performance reviews or strict in their application of rules when it comes to that older worker. If you get written up for things other staff members do without consequence, that could be a warning sign of discrimination.

Other companies might attempt a restructuring or downsizing as a way to hide discrimination. If you discover that you and many other workers over the age of 40 lost your jobs while younger staff members retained theirs, that could be indicative of the company hiding its discrimination behind claims of restructuring or downsizing.

Losing your job due to age discrimination derails your progress

Losing your job can set back your career goals by years. It could take anywhere from a few months to several years to really establish yourself at a new company. Not only do you have to learn how the business operates, but you need to develop relationships with people.

Losing your job and needing to start a job hunt when you are over the age of 40 can be difficult. You shouldn’t have to lose out on wages and advancement opportunities because of your age. Holding your former employer accountable for the impact of their discrimination on your income can be a way to seek justice and possibly change their business practices as well.