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Disability Discrimination/Civil Rights Violations
Jury verdict on behalf of disabled woman against a property management company – Verdict $1.2 million
Disability Discrimination/Failure to Accommodate
Settlement on behalf of employee with multiple surgeries after on-the-job injury against a Fortune 500 Company  – $400,000
Disability Discrimination/Failure to Accommodate
Settlement on behalf of employee with on-the-job injury for failure to accommodate Fortune 500 Company  – $225,000
Pregnancy Discrimination/Failure to Accommodate
Settlement with Fortune 500 Company following pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination – $200,000
Settlement with Fortune 500 Company following wrongful termination/retaliation for reporting illegal actions – $150,000
Failure to Accommodate
Settlement with employer following failure to accommodate a diabetic, minimum wage employee – $90,000
Failure to Accommodate
Settlement on behalf of minimum wage employee injured on-the-job, not accommodated and subsequently fired – $140,000
Failure to Accommodate/No Good Faith Interactive Process
Settlement with Fortune 500 Company for refusal to accommodate a disabled employee with MS – $250,000

Retaliation/Illegal Drug Testing Settlement with employer following termination of minimum wage employee for refusing drug test – $60,000 PERSONAL INJURY Wrongful Death – Minor Represented family that lost their minor son in a disputed vehicle/pedestrian accident against a City which settled. – $500,000 Wrongful Death – Minor Represented family that lost their minor son in a drowning accident on a bridge construction site. – $650,000 Personal Injury – Auto Accident Represented a gentlemen who was forced off the roadway at highway speed and was injured with approximately $75,000 in medical bills. – $300,000 Wrongful Death – Minor Settlement for death of a minor on a construction site $3.3 million Motor Vehicle Settlement for motor vehicle accident involving medical bills of less than $40,000.00 – $350,000 Apartment Complex/Premises Liability Settlement for injury to a minor with medical bills of $75,000.00 and hotly contested liability – $250,000 INSURANCE LITIGATION Coverage Procurement With less than two months before trial, obtained coverage for a settlement of action and all attorney’s fees paid for client – $200,000.00 – $300,000.00 value. BUSINESS LITIGATION Business Theft Defense of claim made by large, world-wide insurance broker of business theft and corporate raiding.  Case settled for less than 10% of original demand. Employment Interference/Unfair Business Practice Claim against former employer for interrupting two months of former employee’s work with another company. Settlement of $100,000 Indemnity/DOT Trucking Violations Successfully defended Foster Farms in a two week jury trial over alleged DOT violations and a claim of $7 million dollars.

Client Comments

“Todd B. Barsotti is a great attorney. He is very professional, precise, and knowledgeable. I felt that he was truly committed to seeking justice for me and that my case was in good hands every step of the way. His secretary, Carolynn is very communicative and helpful as well. I am grateful for Todd and how he handled my case.”

“As a client of Todd Barsotti, I learned of his complete professionalism and his amazing work ethic which exceeded all my expectations. I was not familiar with litigation and I was intimidated. Todd put me at ease and explained the law to me, as well as all my options. For more than a year and a half, he stayed in contact providing me with details on the status of my case. He met with me repeatedly and even accommodated my scheduling needs. I would highly recommend Todd’s office to anyone in need of an employment attorney. He is a fighter for those who need one. R.C., employment client.”

“Todd represented me in an employee related case. I was being sued by some ex-employees in regards to some labor issues. He gave me a free consultation over the phone prior to me even receiving my lawsuit papers. I retained his services following being served. I couldn’t of picked a better Lawyer. His expertise & professionalism in this matter couldn’t of been better. He gave me very sound advice & we negotiated a quick settlement. I was very pleased with the outcome & with the terms of the settlement. You will not be disappointed in hiring Todd”

Bryan, a Business Owner. “I’d like to compliment Todd Barsotti, for the excellent professionalism, aggressiveness and respect that he displayed towards all parties to settle my case. My case was against a Fortune 500 company that was out of state doing business in California. There was great odds stacked against me, Todd reviewed my case with me and felt that he could prevail. I could not have asked for a better Attorney to represent my case. He exceeded my expectations. Mr. Barsotti and his staff are committed to great customer service and are to be commended. I will continue to do business with Mr. Barsotti and would recommend him with the utmost gratification for his service.” Margie, an Employment Client. “Mr. Barsotti represented me as the defendant in a lawsuit filed by a former employer who was represented by a large firm with offices in Northern and Southern California. The complaint alleged breach of contract, theft of trade secrets and many other assorted claims. My new employer was also a defendant and engaged separate counsel. Mr. Barsotti was extremely efficient in his preparation for depositions and had a keen sense of the core issues of the case. The coordination with my employer’s counsel was very smooth and there was no duplication of effort for the sake of billing hours. During the depositions (10) he was appropriately aggressive and has a great presence with his large frame and deep bass voice. My case settled outside court, but I expect he is very effective in that environment. In summary, he helped me through a major crossroad in my career for which I will be eternally grateful.” Brian Y., a Business Client.