A Professional Law Corporation


Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Wage and Hour Issues, Failure to Accommodate

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises and Product Liability

Insurance Litigation

Bad Faith Litigation, Obtaining Policy Benefits, Obtaining Coverage for Insureds

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes, Unfair Business Practices, Business Theft, OSHA Claims

Selecting the right attorney is important…

night_water_tower About twenty years ago, I had finished a jury trial and was speaking with one of the jurors about what took place in the courtroom. This juror stated to me , ” I never really thought about how important it is to select the right attorney.” While she may have intended to compliment me since my client prevailed, her comment suggests that people sometimes seek professional help without really knowing the background, experience, and expertise of the professional they are meeting.

I primarily handle matters involving employment litigation, personal injury, business and insurance related litigation. I am a native of the Central Valley and have lived here my entire life. If you contact our office and have a case that fits within our practice, you can expect to meet with me personally, not an intake clerk or staff-member. I believe that the parties and counsel to litigation are the most significant variables to every case. I want to get to know you, and you should not only get to know me, but be comfortable with my representation. I firmly believe that once we meet, you will be confident that you have selected the right attorney.